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  • on 19.02.2010
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The founders of faux snake skin fabric are a husband and wife team dedicated to creating.  Between the pair they have over 31 years of experience in the garment and upholstery industry.

With a passion and an eye for cutting edge design, they’ve made it their goal to educate others about distinct and hard to find fabrics.  Snakeskin is one of those materials that is not easily located or well known.  As animal lovers they advocate using faux materials.

The goal of this site is to bring greater information to people searching for information about snakeskins, embossed, and reptile print fabric and to assist them with any of their projects from fashion to upholstery.

We hope that this site will foster creativity and unique perspectives on fashion and interior design.  When we first started designing and creating the internet wasn’t there to inspire us and help us with the information gathering necessary to create.  Our goal is to give back to our community and share information.

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