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Reptile print fabric leggings.The most glamorous shoes are crossing the streets of our cities in the brightest of colors with the most bizarre twist in fabrics.

Snakeskin is in and you will find the reptiles swinging from shoulders, worn around the waist, in dress and jacket form, and completely covering shoes across town. The exterior is smooth to the touch and the appearance conveys a contemporary sense of style. Whether you choose a handbag, dress, or shoes, you will find a broad range of snakeskin fabrics in bold to moderate colors to satisfy your attraction to this enticing fabric.

Snake skin stilletto shoe.Jimmy Choo knows what a woman loves in a shoe. This hot and exotic snake skin sandal is a must-have for the spring. The versatility of being able to wear the sandal with a pair of jeans one day, and a two piece linen suit the next day is simply awesome.

It’s an eye-catching sandal that surrounds the foot with shear elegance and comfort second to none. It hugs the foot like a glove and makes it easy to look attractive in comfort. As a side note snake skin sandals are a perfect fit for any event after five.

Crocodile fabric handbags are hot. This beautiful fabric commands attention at first glance. The colors range from white and soft tones to chocolates and dark tones. It’salso available in the bold orange, blue, pink and even yellow tones.

Snakeskin handbag fabric.

MJTrends: Snake skin fabric for handbags, fashion, and more...

Snake skin leather hand bag.Some of the preferred fashion styles include the less structured hobo bags or the timeless clutch handbag. Hobo bags can be worn at mid- arm length, carried by sling or worn on the shoulder. While the clutch is usually worn clutched under the mid -arm or clutched under the hand. Snakeskin is in. It flatters the best spring casual collections and dresses up any winter assortment. The beauty of a reptile print handbag is a great colorful addition to any wardrobe.

Many celebrities are wearing snake skin fabric including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and Mariah Carey just to name a few.

Let’s take a walk on the wild side and you will notice that the list of accessories available in snakeskin fabric is as unlimited as the colors available and patterns designed. There are wallets, belts, cellular phone holders, luggage and many other popular accessories.
Crocodile and alligator skins are popular for both men and women. For the guys there are a number of belts, shoes, jackets, money clips, watch bands and wallets provided in the best of quality for men who have a passion for the wilder things in life. These items are just as enticing to view as they are enjoyable to touch. For the ladies, there are tons of alligator handbags available in different colors and designs. Alligator skin is also an acceptable accessory at work and is usually found at the office as an organizer, backpack, or attaché for men or women.

There is also faux fabric for snakeskin, alligator and crocodile styles. Faux is a French word that basically means fake. These items cost less but have a similar appearance to the real thing.  Faux fabric is a great option for the economy buyer who wants to look great and pay less.

While on the topic of fashions gone wild – let’s not forget vinyl. PVC is shiny and exciting. It can attract attention on the hottest jacket or be worn as leggings under a fierce dress or shirt. No matter what your taste is this season, you are sure to find an exciting and fascinating way to create your wardrobe by including a combination of each of these items into your personal collection. is powered by Iron Box Consulting